Barrington Stoke go nuts for new website

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It’s been several years since we stepped in to help Barrington Stoke with hosting, support and maintenance of their existing WordPress- and WooCommerce-based website – but behind the scenes we have been working with them on a major design and content update to the site, which went live last week.

Edinburgh-based Barrington Stoke publishes fiction and non-fiction adapted to different reading ages for reluctant, under-confident and dyslexic children and teens.

We really enjoyed injecting more of Barrington Stoke’s personality and brand in to the site – as well as thinking about the needs of their different audiences, and sorting out some ‘behind the scenes’ issues, such as shipping costs and order processing. The lovely illustrations by Maisie Paradise Shearring introduce a new sense of coherence around the website content, which is lovely to see, and Barrington Stoke also worked with Laura Jones, publisher and co-founder of Scottish indie publishers 404 Ink, who focused on reorganising and updating content in time for the re-launch.

We asked Lucy Juckes, co-founder Chair of Barrington Stoke, about their experience of working with Bookswarm:

“Bookswarm have been excellent to work with on the redesign of our website. They always give careful consideration to our proposals, advising us how to achieve and improve what we have suggested. They are great to work with, going above and beyond what’s been agreed, full of initiative, reliable on deadlines, problem solvers rather than problem creators. We would not hesitate to recommend their expertise.”

So that’s nice!

View the new website in our portfolio

Bookswarm create new website for Yale Representation

Yale Representation provides a managed sales representation service in the UK for a number of prestigious publishers, including Verso, Saqi and of course Yale University Press.

Bookswarm recently created a new website for them, to replace their old Drupal-based site. The new site includes a bookshops section with dynamic map, and different ways to explore Yale Representation’s clients and their wonderful books.

During our initial discussions with the client we realised how important it would be for the site to be focused on the core content that changes regularly – in this case, client books, news and reviews. We made book uploading as streamlined as possible, and news and reviews are designed so they are always links out to content on other websites. This simplifies data entry for Yale, and reduces the need to source images for news stories. The bookshop map was easy to do and a fun way of visualising all of the shops featured on the website.

We asked Lisa Kemmer, Sales and Operations Manager for Yale Representation, about their experience of working with Bookswarm on the project:

“I’d wholeheartedly recommend Bookswarm.  Simon is efficient, patient and communicative.  He did everything he said he would and more and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about him and his colleagues.  Perhaps most importantly, I didn’t get any sense that he was bored with the project and wanting to move on once the site was delivered but there was lots of tweaking to do.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that sort of start to finish service with an IT-type project before – or any other sort of project, for that matter.”

Take a look at the Yale Representation site in our portfolio