Bookswarm is the only digital agency in the UK dedicated to delivering projects for publishers, authors and others in the world of books. That’s why this page has a picture of books at the top – not a picture of someone tapping away industriously on a posh laptop. There are loads of those people – but there’s only one Bookswarm!

We have unrivalled experience in meeting the communications needs of publishers and authors in a way that is both excellent value for money and very easy to use, and specialise in WordPress development.

We understand publishing. We read the Bookseller every week. You don’t have to explain ONIX feeds, AI sheets, ARCs, TCM figures or ISBNs to us. This means we can spend more time talking about what you actually want to achieve, whether you’re a publisher or an author.

Bookswarm ONLY works with publishers, authors and the other companies that work with them. We believe that this enables us to add considerable value to every project, because we understand the book trade, the book production process and the considerable challenges facing publishers and authors in the ever-changing publishing landscape.