Website design and development

Website design should not be a complicated process – there’s no doubt that it’s much easier than it used to be, with all manner of tools available. These tools make it more important than ever, though, that clients have a clear vision for their website, encompassing brand, content creation and management, social media integration and possibly also e-commerce and inegration with other business systems.

Bookswarm are here to help you make those decisions, and to implement the agreed solution quickly, cost-effectively and beautifully. We understand that the moment the website goes live is only the beginning of the journey, and we’ll be here to support you in its evolution.

The wonders of WordPress

WordPress is an open-source (and thus free) blogging platform which has developed in to a full-blown Content Management System (CMS).

Bookswarm uses WordPress for almost all its website needs. We have developed numerous client websites using WordPress, from simple author blogs to publisher extranets. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • There are tens of thousands of plug-ins, almost all of which are free – these plug-ins extend the functionality of the site in almost any useful way that can be imagined. And if a plug-in doesn’t exist, it can be created (something we know how to do). Plugins make WordPress development very cost-effective
  • WordPress uses themes to apply the design to a site. While there are many good-looking off-the-shelf themes available, it’s also easy to develop bespoke themes. A WordPress site can therefore look like anything that you want, from a simple, stripped-down blog to a rich magazine or a full-featured shop
  • There is an extensive community of WordPress designers and developers all around the world – so you don’t need to feel that you’re locked in to working with Bookswarm for ever
  • WordPress is really, really easy to use and is used by everyone from small bloggers to major new organisations and other high traffic websites. According to a recent survey, WordPress now runs over 30% of websites
  • We use the Toolset family of plugins to make it easy to create and manage custom post types and custom fields, and Gravity Forms to allow clients to create forms entirely within WordPress – for example application forms or contact forms.

To see what we can do with WordPress, view our portfolios:



We can design beautiful brands for use both on- and off-line. We relish the challenge posed by a blank sheet of paper!

We have developed brands for new publishers, imprints, authors and others.